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Covid-19 PCR tests can be the way by which companies can proactively protect their staff by providing the facility for COVID-19 test results within 48 hours. These tests can provide confidence to staff that it is safe to attend office on a regular basis, participate in a group event or visiting clients.

We have partnered with Department of Health approved lab to provide COVID-19 PCR test in places of work e.g., offices, manufacturing units, shopping areas, educational institutions, transport etc.


Screening can be carried out at an appropriate frequency and at a convenient location without requiring any travel. Some of the uses of COVID-19 PCR tests are in care homes need weekly testing, returning students needing bulk testing at the start of the term, staff coming from external meetings may need testing to ensure they have not picked up infection and many more.

This is how we work with you -

1.     Company decides the frequency and location(s) of testing

2.     We provide self sampling swab kits meeting UN3373 standards at the specified location(s)

3.     We provide pre-paid postage service to take samples to the lab

4.     We publish COVID-19 Test Results within 24 hours of the lab receiving the sample

5.     Laboratory Test Report showing COVID-19 status (positive or negative) is sent electronically to the organisation

Please also refer to the government guidelines –


Please scroll down to fill up contact form so we can tailor a package that meets your requirements

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